For making environmentally friendly designed buildings & interiors; and taking green measures in construction technologies, LED lighting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save on energy and carbon dioxide.

Brightens is focusing on functional LED lighting. Our products have been developed to meet the demands of architects, designers and lighting consultants who want to create splendid and harmonious environment. We continue to develop our family of luminaries that allow the specifiers to treat a complete installation with a unique style.

Brightens has a professional lighting design team who can help the specifiers by executing the light calculation and consult which fixture to use for their situations.

If you have an application that is not met by our existing products we can provide totally custom solutions. We specialize in providing customized lighting solutions for commercial and architectural use and we have also provided lighting accessories and control system in a total solution.

Our product range consists of the followings:
  1. LED Profiles
  2. Flexible LED Strip
  3. Outdoor Architectural Lighting
  4. Landscape Lighting
  5. Gypsum Lighting Fittings
  6. Generic Light Sources

Brightens lighting products are CE certified, and the items will be manufactured according to the Energystar and LM79 standard.