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Linxi HeFei Economic & Trade Co., Ltd (“PRC Ironman”) was founded in 2008 by our Founder and Deputy Chairman Mr. Jian Qun Dou. PRC Ironman is an EJV based in Chifeng, China. We operate an iron ore beneficiation plant on 2.2 square kilometers of hills, with iron ore deposits of well over 3 million tons. Our goal is to build an environmentally friendly company that extracts and processes ore from these barren hills and leaves in its place a green revolution. Our technique for extracting ore consists of two processes. The sand here is mixed with sparse amounts of iron ore. If we throw a magnet on the ground, anywhere, it picks up iron dust. We use 19 magnets to separate the iron from the sand in a dry separation process. We then wash the material with water further purifying the material till we extract ore that is 65-67% iron content. We have a license to operate in these hills till the year 2018. We are located in southwest LinXi in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. Our office is in the capital city of Chifeng. We have excellent access via highways to Tianjin port. This gives us access to steel mills in the northeastern part of China. Our customers come to our site to pick up the refined and processed high-grade ore.

Linxi is located in eastern Inner Mongolia and is under the administration of Chifeng City. The city of Chifeng, Inner Mongolia ( is conveniently located 250 miles from Beijing, 185 miles from Tianjin Port and 125 miles from Jinzhou Port and well connected by roads, planes and railroad.
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