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We are proud about our efforts to create a better environment and our efforts in conservation. We help the local government restore vegetation in barren areas where nothing was growing before.

The ore extraction operations move huge volumes of sand mixed with iron ore. We have developed a strategy of working on one small piece of land at a time. We use about 35 trucks of sand to extract one truckload of refined ore. This process is a dry separation process that does not affect the environment. We simply replace the sand from where it came. The second part of the process is to wash the sand with water. No chemicals are used in this process. Two truckloads of ore from the dry separator are used to produce approximately one truck load of refined high-grade ore. For this process, we pump water from underground wells and send it through the wet separation plant. We then capture the dirty water and filter it using rocks and sand. We then use the filtered water again to wash the ore. This way water is conserved and used twice. After using the water a second time it is pumped through pipes to areas where ore has already been extracted. We plant shrubs and trees and use the water to irrigate the land. This strategy is sustainable, because once the trees build deep enough roots; they will survive on rainwater. The area gets about 15 inches of rain per year, which is about twice the rainfall of Arizona and almost the same as Los Angeles, California. We plant trees that can survive the relatively dry and harsh conditions. In addition to our efforts in the creating a sustainable environment, we provide employment to over 200 employees and contractors in an area where there are very few industries and all most no reliable employment.