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  • League Games on Mon-Thurs 8:00PM-11:00PM
    聯賽會於週一至週四8:00 PM-11:00PM
  • Guaranteed 7 games + Playoffs if eligible, 12 Jerseys with individual customize design (several templates with different mix and matches to choose from). Each registered team will have a customize set jersey for all 12 players (several templates with different mix and matches to choose from)
    保證7場 + 季后賽(如合資格)+ 12套球衣與個人定制設計(選擇從幾個不同的組合和匹配模板)。各註冊的球隊,將免費獲得12套自訂球衣(選擇從幾個不同的組合和匹配模板)
  • Men Basketball - 2 Division (Div 1 (more competitive), Div 2 (less competitive), Women Basketball - 1 Division (Open) /
    3 組聯賽. 分別為男子甲組、乙組和女子組.
  • Full Online Scores. All Individual Statistics /
  • Free Agent Market: Individuals or Groups who are looking to join a basketball team can register as a free agent player. (For more details, click into "about league") /
  • Over 10 years of experience hosting basketball league organizers from North America. /
  • Experienced Officials with a North American Basketball Style focus. All Rules will be communicated to each teams clearly. /
  • Awards for League MVP, League Champs, Finalists, & Playoff MVP /
    每組常規賽另設個人獎項:MVP、得分王、三分王、籃板王、助攻王總 MVP
  • All-Star Game o Jerseys for All-Star Selection /
    全明星賽 (各明星球員可獲免費明星球衣)
  • Deadline for registration - 1stJune2012
  • Registration Page UPDATED*: Please view the all new registration page with the free jersey selection.


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