NBA (New Basketball Association): Are you ready to play in the NBA?

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Location: Kowloon, Yau Tsim Wong Sporting Centres
Date: July 2012 Game
Time: Mon-Thurs 8pm-11:00pm, Saturday-Sunday 2pm-11pm
Cost: $6500
What does it Include: Guaranteed 7 games + Playoffs if eligible, 12 Jerseys with individual customize design (several templates with different mix and matches to choose from) Each registered team will have a customize set jersey for all 12 players (several templates with different mix and matches to choose from)
Format: There will be 2 divisions for Men`s Basketball (8-12 teams) featuring Open and Recreational division, 1 division for Women (8 teams).
Playoff Format: Top 8 teams will advance to the playoffs with instant elimination format
Referees: Experienced HK Referees who will be officiating the game with a North American style of basketball and great consistency. Rules will be clearly communicated to team captains
Allstar and MVP: Two selected teams of 10 players will play in an allstar game with complementary All-Star game jerseys given to each selected member. League MVP will be given a prize (a pair of Nike Basketball Shoes)
League Website:
Deadline registration: 1stJune2012


Statistics for individual players and teams will be updated as games are completed. The website will indicate scoring, rebound, assists and other leaders and will be updated regularly. For registrations, please email or simply register in our website. Our representative will contact you immediately.
If you have any other inquiries or for registration, please contact below:
Name: Vincent Yung / Jackie Fung
Phone Number: 67640903 / 94957337
Email Address:

New Basketball Association

曾創辦聯賽如下 &

比賽日期: 2012年6月
比賽時間︰ 比賽時間如下:星期一到星期四: 8:00pm - 11:00pm 或 星期六: 2:00pm - 11:00pm 星期日: 2:00pm - 11:00pm
比賽地點︰ 油尖旺或九龍區康文署轄下室內運動場
參賽費用︰ 港幣6500元正(最少7場比賽;如比賽場數有變,參賽費用將會作出調整) 各隊伍可免費獲送上身球衣一套
賽制︰ 常規賽 -甲組、乙組,女子組. 每組8-12隊以單循環比賽排列名次, 每組首6-8名進入季後賽, 季後賽以淘汰方式作賽.
裁判︰ 由本會指定註冊香港專業裁判擔任。 (本會致力推薦北美風格的籃球和波賽穩定性。規則將清地傳達給各隊隊長。) 設有明星賽,以本會選出各隊的明星球員。各明星球員可獲明星球衣。
獎品︰ 聯賽總冠、亞、季軍均獲每位球員獎牌一面, 每組常規賽另設個人獎項:MVP、得分王、三分王、籃板王、助攻王 總 MVP 則可獲贈潮流籃球鞋一對。 (各個人獎項如分數相同則以球隊常規賽排名計算)。 - 季後賽聯盟總冠軍獲獎盃一座
統計: 本會有專人負責球員個人統計,當中包括:個人得分、三分球、籃板、助攻等技術統計. 所有統計會於本會網站即時更新
報名方法: 請瀏覽本會網頁直接從網頁註冊,致電或電郵本會。本會代表會即時和你聯絡。
報名截止日期: 2012年6月1日
聯絡人: Vincent Yung / Jackie Fung
電話: 67640903 / 94957337